Tale of Two Websites

I was reading this article from the NY Times that I found on Blogdex, and I am inspired to write something, but I am afraid I am going to get sued.

This, in my opinion IS a case where freedom of speech is being pissed on. Katy Johnson, a two-time Miss Vermont, who has a website touting her noble causes, which include abstinence and sobriety, is not allowed to be talked about, linked or even referenced on Tucker Max’s website which touts dating stories, pickup lines and an online application for the privilege of dating Mr. Tucker.

Here is the sticky part. Tucker has stories and pictures of girls that he has actually dated (allegedly?). One of which, was Katy Johnson (ALLEGEDLY! Whew, almost got sued!) According to the NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE BY JAMES LIPTAK (see it wasn’t me) on his site, Tucker portrayed Katy Johnson “…as vapid, promiscuous and an unlikely candidate for membership in the Sobriety Society.” (ACCORDING TO COURT PAPERS NOT ME)

So the restraining orders have gone flying. Tucker is not permitted to write about, “Katy,” “Miss Johnson,” or “Miss Vermont.” Oh, and by the way he is also not permitted to LINK TO HER PUBLICLY AVAILABLE SITE from his own site, according to Judge Diana Lewis of Circuit Court in West Palm Beach.

Is this a judge gone wild, or an actual case of invasion of a girl's privacy? Even though it is kind of tasteless, shouldn’t we get to hear the other side of the story, if she is conveying some sort of false image? (ALLEGEDLY, Whew, almost got sued again.)

Anyway, he is not allowed to link to her page, but you know what? I AM!